The main purpose of the Club is to encourage young people to ride and learn to enjoy all sports connected with horses and riding.

The classes of membership are:

Junior Members; under 17 years of age.
Associate Members: 17 and under 25 years of age.
Senior Riders: 25 years or over, non riding or riding.

In addition, at the discretion of the Committee, visiting membership may be granted for a limited period, Honorary Life Membership may be granted, and  Professionals may now be members of Pony Club as long as they have a child riding in the Club.

MMPC has a membership policy that provides information in regard to the number of riders to be accepted and the process for new member applications. The number of members is capped each year based on the number of riders that can safely participate in a rally day in relation to the number of coaches available.

Registration costs have been set for 2022 as follows:

Riding Member $165.00
Non-Riding Member $55.00
2nd Non-Riding Member in Family $25.00

Registration is usually open in January each year via and online system.  Details of how to register online are mailed to members once accepted by the Committee.

Mangrove Mountain pony club is a registered Active Kids provider and accepts vouchers to reduce cost of annual membership fees.

The following documents with more detailed information are available for viewing  and download:

Guidelines for Members

Membership Policy